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Chest Congestion hoeem remedis

Pneumonia and thins like bronchitis can be obtained if you have chest congestion. On top of this,it is very unpleasant and uncomfortable and can make something as simple as breathing , really troubling for you to do. It will cause you to have to use more effort than usual just to breathe in and breathe out. Chest congestion can be caused by many things. These include things like common cold , flu , asthma , heart problems , exposure to harmful gases , cystic fibrosis , pneumonia , bronchitis , tuberculosis , sinusitis , and maybe even allergies. If you have any of these things you will probably experience chest congestion which could ultimately worsen them or cause you to come down with something else. That is why it is important to immediately take action in getting rid of it as soon as you experience it. 
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The first of the home remedies of chest congestion is hot soup . This is a common one that many people do and know. I guess because it really works. When you drink hot soup , the inflammation in your lungs will be reduced. This reduces the amount of mucus being produced and also will make your coughs more smooth and soothing. Soup will help the movement of the mucus in the body be sped up which will cause it to get eliminated quickly. 

Another home remedy to cure health congestion is spicy foods. You may have experienced this. When you eat spicy foods, it opens up your lungs and causes you to breathe better. Be sure to have spicy foods that contain ingredients like ginger , black pepper or garlic and chili. The spiciness of the foods loosen the phlegm and cause the chest to become decongestant. 

Lemon is also a perfect way to get rid of the awful experience of chest congestion on your own time , and at your own home. Make your own lemon drink that will act as a decongestant to your chest and remove the build up of mucus. Make this by first mixing one whole lemon in a sixteen ounce glass of water. After that , Mix in some table spoons of salt. Make sure that the water is as hot as you can bare it because this can also help with the unwanted mucus in your throat and chest. The vitamin C that is in the lemon drink fight against the causes of cold and cause the body to perform and function better. 

Those are some of the many home remedies to cure chest congestion. Sure you could go to the doctor and be prescribed a decongestant but that is not really necessary. All of these home remedies are sure to cure the mucus out of your chest and cause you to breathe better. The lungs will become more functionable. Take caution when performing any of these and do them at your own risks. Never over do any type of these home made remedies.If none of these work, then maybe you should consider seeking professional help after all. If you are experiencing chest congestion, then you should definitely take action immediately before it worsens.

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